Our Mission is to expand Japanese products and services globally by providingthe best aggressive strategy to our clients to grow their businesses abroad

After started evaluating Indian and Chinese market at almost the same time, today there are only +700 Japanese companies in India versus +30,000 Japanese companies in China. From our hearing, we understand that this is due to the uniqueness and infrastructural challenges which Indian market present.

The Dilemma Go to India Now:Huge market potential,Hub to Middle East / Africa /others Too early to move:Unfamiliar Lifestyle,Unfamiliar Pepple and culture,Far away from Japan

India is a huge market where buying power in customers has seen rapid growth over last 10 years. India also presents an opportunity to become 'hub' for reaching out to Middle east and Africa. Bridge & Sun Partners is dedicated to help our clients overcome the challenges of Indian market to define long term growth strategy. Bridge and sun Partners's deep local network in Indian market enables Bridge and sun Partners to move with agility bringing in the in-depth professional experience to lead Client's success in India.